DISCIPLINA — modern digital solutions for the spheres of education and recruitment

Business directions

DISCIPLINA creates products for every participant of the educational and labour relations, all on a single platform. Our team develops unique solutions that meet the users' needs.


Automatization of the educational process and of the cooperation between teachers and their students


The guarantee of candidates’ data reliability, search based on candidates’ skills

Solutions for specialists

A system for creating verified profiles of educational and career achievements

DISCIPLINA advantages

Unified platform

All participants of the spheres of education and recruitment cooperate only through DISCIPLINA, without involving other services

Unique blockchain architecture

The DISCIPLINA architecture is developed from scratch specifically for the needs of the educational and recruiting spheres.

Data verifiability and safety

The DISCIPLINA technology will allow to create the instruments for data verification and protection from unauthorized modification

Key partnerships

DISCIPLINA is an international project created to optimize the cooperation between all participants of educational and recruiting spheres

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