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DISCIPLINA — an educational blockchain
by TeachMePlease

Project launch
3Q 2016
1st school registered
4Q 2016
Nov 27 2017
Main stage
Mar 27 2018
2Q 2018
3Q 2018
4Q 2019
7000 ETH
35 000 ETH
Token rate
0.0005 ETH
We accept
Main stage
03/27/18 – 04/09/18
Funds raised during the pre-sale will be taken into account in the total amount of funds raised during the campaign. These funds will be credited to the crowdsale smart-contract. It will not be possible to withdraw tokens until the end of the campaign.
“I’ve been predicting that by 2030 the largest company on the internet is going to be an education-based company that we haven’t heard of yet”
Thomas Frey, the senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute


DISCIPLINA is a blockchain platform for the projects in educational and recruiting spheres. The use of blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of the platform and creates the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information recorded by ecosystem participants.

TeachMePlease will be the first project based on the DISCIPLINA blockchain platform.

TeachMePlease provides the conditions for efficient and effective cooperation between academic institutions, and private tutors and their students.

DISCIPLINA is one of the most powerfull solutions in the field of education. It will allow educational services, students and teachers to manage their work and studies and will provide them new tools and possibilities.

Why are we developing our own blockchain architecture?

Due to the fact that the platform will store confidential information, such as the courses, tasks, grades, and test results, public blockchain solutions, which store all of their transactions in open access – Ethereum or EOS, for example – are unacceptable. At the same time, private blockchain solutions, such as Hyperledger, do not provide enough verifiability of the stored data.

Advantages of the platform

Creation of ecosystem participant's e-passport including history of studies and professional achievements in DISCIPLINA distributed network
DISCIPLINA is an open-source platform. Every educational or recruiting service will be able to use blockchain in their projects
Course enrollment and online payment through DISCIPLINA without dealing with a service manager or third party
Ability of educational institutions to trade educational records stored in private chains. Fulfillment of obligations by all parties, cross-border payment option
100% reliable information about ratings, feedbacks and student grades
CRM/ERP cloud service TeachMePlease for educational institutions, teachers, students and HR-specialists with convenient tools like schedule and course management and knowledge evaluation

Ecosystem participants and their opportunities

Academic institutions

Guarantee of payment, integrated settlement system, educational records monetisation system


The credibility of information stored on the platform, search for candidates by expertise and field of knowledge


Records of educational achievements, easy access to knowledge


The users will interact with each other and use the DISCIPLINA platform through applications with a convenient interface, which will provide a wide range of platform functions.

TeachMePlease will be the first project in the field of education based on the Disciplina blockchain platform.


Reasons to develop a new blockchain platform for the field of education

The architecture of the DISCIPLINA platform uses all the capabilities both of blockchain technologies, and of other recent trends in the fields of computer technologies and distributed systems. It is a wholly universal blockchain platform for any other educational projects.

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Unlike traditional PoW mining, the DISCIPLINA platform provides energy-efficient PoS minting. The users will get reward for any productive activity devoted to transctionprocessing and supporting the network.

The main payment tool of the DISCIPLINA platform will be the DSCP token

The users of the DISCIPLINA platform will be able to issue a Cryptopay co-branding plastic card with the option of immediate conversion of DSCP tokens to fiat money. Users can control their accounts through personal profile or mobile app.

Services that integrate the DISCIPLINA blockchain platform into their technological processes will be able to use tokens and all the relevant interface for transactions


Ilya Nikiforov
Co-founder, businessman with 14 years’ experience in wholesale and retail trade and e-commerce
Dmitry Gordovich
Co-founder, banker with 15 years' experience in investment management
Alexander Tkachev
Business Development Director
Alexander Leonchik
Head of the development department
Sergei Maximov
Lead backend developer
Roman Alterman
Head of the blockchain project
Pavel Shatskih
Head of the design department
Anna Kuprienko
Head of the PR/marketing
Philipp Grinevich
Head of the digital marketing department
Vasiliy Mikhailov
Project manager
Kirill Kuvshinov
Blockchain developer
Yuriy Friedrichson
Frontend developer
Mike Syomin
Frontend developer
Ivan Radchenko
CMS/Bitrix developer
Roman Novoselov
Backend developer
Gregory Dvoryaninov
Quality assurance
Yuriy Chaukin
UX/UI designer
Olga Khristuk
Graphic designer
Andrey Skryabnev
Lead of the photo/video production
Valery Vekov
Head of the account department
Maria Arkhipova
Maria Zhiveinova
Content manager
Elena Lev
Content manager
Valeriya Romanova
Content & social media manager
Slava Darmaev
Content & social media manager
Dmitriy Martynenko
Digital marketing manager
Maria Goncharevich
Digital marketing manager
Polina Gordovich
Valeria Blokhina
Oksana Timakova
Office manager
Serokell is a software development company, which largely uses functional languages, especially Haskell and has experience in cryptocurrencies development, one of which is Cardano. The company's strategy is 'to only work on project that have a scientific base'. Serokell is the key developer of the new generation blockchain for TeachMePlease.
Arseniy Seroka
Serokell co-founder and CEO
Expert in the field of functional programming and global network development. Has a masters degree from ITMO, the information technologies university. Current head of several international projects.
Jonn Mostovoy
Serokell co-founder and CTO
Has a decade of experience in industrial programming with a specific interest in mathematics and social science. Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert. Jonn is the technical management of Serokell, and provides research and code.
George Basiladze
Financial expert. CEO of Cryptopay – provider of digital wallet services with functionality for storage and use of cryptocurrencies.
Dmitry Filatov
Founder of rating agency ICORating, managing partner in hedge fund ICOShark, Russian entrepreneur in the field of the IT.


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